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We are conversational intelligence for dental

Peerlogic is the engine that empowers high-performing front office teams.

With our conversational intelligence you can quickly identify and win-back missed opportunities, improve processes, and streamline communications, ultimately generating more revenue for your practice.


Gain 7+ new patients each month, equating to $840,000 in annual production.

What our Experts say about Peerlogic

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Peerlogic's Mission, Vision & Values

Our company culture is defined by our core values. These are the key principles that drive our organization’s vision and mission, guiding us to serve customers, employees, and the broader community.


Empowering dental practice growth through conversational intelligence.


To be essential to the success of every dental office by empowering growth through conversational intelligence.


Grit • Curiosity • Accountability • Enthusiasm

New Lead Generation

How Peerlogic increases new patient conversion rates

Watch Peerlogic CEO Ryan Miller showcase how Peerlogic’s call analytics can help your dental practice improve efficiency, schedule more appointments and increase revenue.

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Conversational Intelligence

Peerlogic is voice-based conversational intelligence, powered by AI

Conversational intelligence is a method of using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) technology to improve communication between a dental practice and a patient.

Peerlogic conversational intelligence is proven to accurately and efficiently assist the front office in measuring call performance, generating key insights for practice growth.

Built for practice growth

Our solutions focus on helping dental practices improve efficiency

Peerlogic’s conversational intelligence suite is a product of over 20 years of industry research and collective team experience. We continue to speak directly with dentists and front office managers to identify pain points and create technology solutions that save time and increase productivity.

How Peerlogic Works

Dental industry data trends + conversational intelligence to grow your practice

Our conversational AI technology gives you realtime custom insights based on your unique call data; proven dental industry trends & correlations combined with your individual practice or DSO call data — these call performance metrics take the guesswork out of how to improve front office performance. Watch conversion rates increase from calls to scheduled appointments. Think of Peerlogic as your roadmap to maximizing front office efficiency.

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Get insights on how to grow your practice with front office conversational intelligence.


Join us in helping dental practices grow with conversational intelligence at Peerlogic.

Peerlogic Dental Product Suite

Empower your dental practice to grow with Peerlogic. Our industry-leading products enhance your existing phone and dental practice management systems with ease.

Call Analytics

Voice AI Call Analytics is a game changer for dental practice production— the speed and accuracy of our machine learning, data processing and focus on dental industry language is revolutionizing the industry.


Get the most out of your VoIP phone system with our cloud-based communications solution— Engagements tools that enhance dental practice communications including voice, messaging, equipment, fax and more.


Simplify workflows and watch production grow. Our Actions technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing dental practice management systems like Dentrix, instantly alerting you to new revenue opportunities.

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