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Peerlogic, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), is designed specifically for the dental industry. Front office managers and dentists are to better understand the first-party call data generated to and from a dental practice. The results include saving time and improving communications through deep call insights, conversational intelligence, ai analytics and much more.

There’s this quiet revolution happening in the dental industry, and AI Analytics is leading that charge. So what exactly is AI analytics for dental practice management? More importantly, how is it helping grow dental practice revenue? 

What is AI Analytics?

Businesses are slowly waking up to the power of AI and are making products and services to create a more streamlined approach to their professions. This is resulting in game-changers all the time across numerous industries, and dental is one of them.

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence where data is analyzed, comprehended, and adapted to find the best solution to decision making and task management. The idea is to learn your business and understand the best way to optimize every aspect possible using the power of algorithms. 

How Dentists Are Growing Revenue? AI Analytics.

Dentists are not only using AI analytics for dental practices. They’re benefiting from the implementation of such services. Thanks to AI analytics abilities to grow dental practice revenue through dentistry reporting, it’s become almost a no-brainer. 

Healthcare as an industry is expansive and requires many hands to make it function at its highest levels. Therefore, having AI doing some of the heavy lifting allows practices to run their operations more smoothly while not defaulting on the care and customer service of their patients.

In fact, customer service is actually improved with AI analytics for dental. It tracks conversations and finds areas where improvements can be made and demonstrates how specific responses play into decision making.

You’ll find that you can scale your business by growing your customer base with AI analytics for dental practices. The amount of money you’ll gain just in gaining back some of those missed opportunities is enough to make you want to grab AI analytics for your dental practice today.

What Can You Do With AI Analytics?

With AI analytics services such as Peerlogic, you’re getting a complete tool kit to optimize how you communicate with patients and staff entirely, all while driving sales and never missing a beat. With a service like Peerlogic, you’re able to;

  • Analyze front-office interactions to understand where improvements need to be made as well as best practices.
  • Provide staff actionable insights to improve performance.
  • Win back some of the missed opportunities, and prevent them from happening in the future.
  • Manage remotely from wherever you are. Perfect for the boss that works even on vacation!
  • Replicate winning behaviors as well as optimizing client interactions.

Peerlogic is both HIPPA compliant and DentrixIntegrations friendly, all while being an affordable solution to help scale your business with the power of AI analytics. 

Final Thoughts

Ready to see how AI analytics for dental can help improve and scale your dentistry? With Peerlogic, you can request a demo to see for yourself before committing to a monthly plan. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why this hasn’t existed for years.