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Peerlogic’s proprietary Voice AI call analytics is a type of conversational intelligence, designed specifically for dental practices, providing key insights on how to increase revenue, impact interaction outcomes, pinpoint areas of improvement and measure performance progress. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key ingredient to empowering front office teams with increased productivity and more scheduled appointments.

To get started, schedule a free demo and consultation today. We’ll review your technology requirements and business needs, giving you the best options for your dental practice. Our Peerlogic team of dental technology experts will have you up and running within minutes.

As soon as a patient calls your dental practice, you will have access to patient intent, past, and upcoming appointments, booked and not booked, procedures discussed, family info, and much more.

Peerlogic’s AI will begin delivering insights within minutes. In addition, our analytics will begin delivering baseline performance reports after just 30 days

With Peerlogic insights, you now are empowered with the information necessary to re-engage a potential new patient when they hang up without scheduling. Moving the opportunity from new patient lost to new patient booked.

Our products will be little-to-no additional cost to an existing practice. Since each practice is unique, schedule a demo to see your options. Peerlogic products and features are good fit for your dental practice, integrating with existing practice management systems.

Our solutions are 100% HIPAA compliant.

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