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The Power of AI

Enhancing the conversation between patient and practice 
Convert more patients
Integrate with Dentrix
Optimize call flow
Access deep analytics

Grow your practice with powerful tools
from Peerlogic

The average dental practices convert 23% of new patient calls to appointments, equating to millions in lost revenue.

Improve Front Office Performance

Use conversational data to measure office performance, duplicate best practices and identify revenue opportunities

Have Better Patient Interactions

Sentiment analysis identifies emotion and intention throughout the call, providing measurable & actionable insights

Generate More Revenue

Conversational intelligence identifies missed opportunities and revenue leakage that hit the bottom line

Why Peerlogic?

Our team has uncovered the need for a complete communication solution that provides accurate performance data with the unique needs of dental practices. Schedule a call to see how Peerlogic conversational AI enables intelligent conversations between patients and providers.

The first conversational AI platform built for dental practices

AI works behind the scene, to connect, analyze, and approximate the value of each call. Conversational Intelligence measures caller intent, identifies production leakage and delivers actionable metrics.

Integrates with your practice management software

Peerlogic’s Practice Connect+ offers a HIPPA complaint integration that allows your team to instantly view patient & family member appointment history, insurance details, balances and outstanding treatment on incoming calls 

Office communications built for Healthcare

Easy to deploy, manage and use. The Peerlogic Practice Connect platform offers phone, text, video and instant messaging.

With 99.99% availability, our Connect technology is a carrier-grade communications platform that enables business collaboration, flexibility and productivity

Schedule a call to learn more about the Peerlogic roadmap and how our healthcare focused R&D is changing how providers communicate.

Learn how Practice Connect  improves communication between locations while generating more revenue and a better patient experience.

Never miss a call again. Make and receive calls from the Peerlogic Pro App, similar to how you would your office phone. 

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Peerlogic is a conversational intelligence platform that helps your front office convert more patients.

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