Grow your dental practice confidently with A.I. analytics

Use Peerlogic’s conversational analytics to empower your medical practice and optimize conversations between patients and staff.

How Peerlogic Works

Analyze front-office interactions
Give staff actionable insights
Optimize patient conversations
Eliminate and win back missed opportunities
Endorse top performers

Schedule up to 70% more patients with Peerlogic

Additional Key Features

Replicate winning behaviors
Increase customer satisfaction
HIPPA compliant
Easy integration
Dentrix friendly
Manage from anywhere
Scalable for all practices
Affordable & versatile solutions
laptop displaying dental practice data

Utilize A.I. to train, coach and empower your front-office staff

The average dental practice converts only 23% of new patient calls to appointments, equating to millions in lost revenue.
Peerlogic’s suite of products ensure that your team and practice have the tools to maximize productivity, while saving you time to focus on other aspects of growing your practice.

Bundle all of your customer communication and management needs with Peerlogic

Peerlogic’s A.I. analytics are built in to our Practice Connect and Practice Connect+ products offering HIPPA compliant integration for your team to instantly view patient & family member appointment history, insurance details, balances and outstanding treatment on all incoming communications.

Quickly access immediate action items such as appointments, family info, insurance updates, balances and outstanding treatment for each incoming call.

With 99.99% availability, our Connect technology is a carrier-grade communications platform that enables business collaboration, flexibility and productivity

Schedule a call to learn more about the Peerlogic roadmap and how our healthcare focused R&D is changing how providers communicate.

Learn how Practice Connect  improves communication between locations while generating more revenue and a better patient experience.

Never miss a call again. Make and receive calls from the Peerlogic Pro App, similar to how you would your office phone. 

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